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Melbourne Volvo Mechanic
Regular Servicing Has Kept This Volvo On The Road For Decades

Volvo have perhaps the best reputation for safety and reliability. With regular expert servicing, these cars can run smoothly for decades. This post is a guide to what you should have serviced and when, to keep your Volvo in excellent condition for a long lifespan.

How Often Should You Service Your Volvo?

We recommend servicing your Volvo every year or 20,000kms, whichever comes first. This service should include:

  1. Oil change and filter replacement
  2. Check for oil/water leaks
  3. Check and adjust parking brake, including pads and discs
  4. Gearbox check
  5. Tire pressure check
  6. Fluid level and leak checks
  7. Check and replace lights
  8. Drain fuel filter
  9. Suspension and steering check after 5 years or 100,000kms
  10. Battery check
  11. Lubricate hinges
  12. Replace ventilation filter

Every second service should also include a diesel fuel filter and brake oil replacements. The engine air filter cleaner should be changed on every third service. For automatic Volvos, the transmission fluid should be replaced every fourth service. Every ten years or 160,000kms the auxiliary belt and tensioner should be replaced, along with the timing belt and tensioner.

Why On-time Service is Important

Volvos are luxury cars. They are known primarily for their safety and durability. These are vehicles built to last. But that doesn’t mean their sustainability should be taken for granted.

Volvo’s luxury manufacturing is supported by passionate owners insisting on genuine parts and expert servicing. This keeps the car authentic, maintaining its value, and keeps them at prestige performance for longer. It also helps avoid the much higher costs of emergency repairs.

Who Should Service Your Volvo?

We recommend servicing your vehicle on time and always with a qualified luxury car specialist.

For 22 years, we at Southbank Prestige have sold and serviced Volvos in Melbourne. In that time we have seen the models change as new innovations are made, and we have changed with them. We are familiar with every detail of these cars. Our Service Centre always keeps genuine Volvo parts on hand for replacements.

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