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Range Rovers are popular cars here in Melbourne, and for those that own them, we don’t blame you! These cars are stylish and a great way to get around, whether driving locally or heading away for a weekend. However, we bet that those who own a Range Rover are looking for a great Range Rover service in Melbourne to keep their car in top shape. If this is you, we’ve put together some great tips to ensure you get a top quality service.

Tips for Organising a Range Rover service in Melbourne

  • Know when your service is due

Knowing when your next service is due is one of the most important things when owning any car. By keeping on top of your service schedule, you can ensure you’re on top of any potential issues that may catch you out. One of the best things about a Range Rover is the flexible service schedule that most vehicles in the range have. This means your service date is based on a range of things such as your driving style and the distance you travel.

If your car is fitted with a service interval indicator, you’ll get a notification pop up in the instrument panel when your next service is due. This will give you an idea of what service and how long you have until it is due.

  • Plan a service before any long trips

If you are planning a long trip either in Victoria or interstate, it’s best to have your Range Rover service in Melbourne before you go. While your car may not be due for a full service, getting your tyres checked over, and ensuring there are no issues with your brakes and the like is always a great idea.

You don’t want just anyone to service your Range Rover. Make sure you use a qualified mechanic experienced in servicing Range Rovers. The team  at Southbank Prestige Service Centre are experts in servicing European luxury cars and will care for, and service your car, with a professional and expert eye.

  • Find a central service centre

When you work in Melbourne, you need to have your car serviced somewhere central; the last thing you want is to spend your weekend running around getting your car service done, or having to leave work early to pick you car up. Southbank Prestige Service Centre is located in South Melbourne, just a 3 minute walk to the Montague Street Light Rail stop. Perfectly located for anyone working in central Melbourne.

At Southbank Prestige, we know that a professional Range Rover service is essential. Come in and have a chat – we’d be more than happy to run you through your service options.


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