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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo Model Cars

Alfa Romeo Stelvio
Southbank Prestige has a passion for not only stocking an amazing array of pre-owned luxury cars, but also for servicing luxury cars with their help of our expert, friendly team.

When it comes to quality engineering and innovative automotive technology, our team is always up-to-date with the latest research, ensuring your car is being handled with expert care and precision.

By focusing on luxury cars we have been able to fine tune our skills to offer a superior service for your particular make and model. One of makes we specialise in is the Alfa Romeo.

About The Alfa Romeo Brand

Founded in June 1910 but Frenchman Alexandre Darracq, the car company was initially named A.L.F.A. Today, it is known as a luxury Italian car manufacturer, featuring a number of innovative models, including:

  • Stelivo Qaudrifoglio
  • Stelivo
  • Giulietta
  • 4C Coupe
  • Giulia Quadrifoglio
  • 4C Spider
  • Giulia

Our Service

Here at Southbank Prestige we have been servicing a range of Alfa Romeo models for years, and our expert knowledge highlights why we are your go-to when it comes to servicing your Alfa Romeo.

Here are just some of the tips that help when it comes to servicing your car:

Since 1998 onwards, all Alfa Romeos must use Premium Unleaded Fuel to avoid running anomalies and warning signals.

Selenia Oil is the lifeblood of an Alfa Romeo, which ensures the vehicle is running exactly as intended. It offers to best balance of ingredients to minimize friction and fuel consumption over the oil change interval.

Our team knows your Alfa Romeo like the back of our hands and will ensure it is given the best service possible each and every time to give it the same smooth ride.

Contact us today to organise your next Alfa Romeo service.

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