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Ferrari – Supercar

Ferrari Service
Ferrari is an Italian automaker that is considered by many people around the world to be the source of the best and most stylish supercars. There is nothing we love more at Southbank Prestige Service Centre than giving your Ferrari the attention to detail it deserves.

Our services are tailored toward your specific model, with our superb industry knowledge separating us from other providers in Melbourne. We know all the bells and whistles when it comes to your supercar, and ensure our expert knowledge is put to good use with each service.

A car this superb deserves a service to match it.

Caring for your Ferrari

They often say that you don’t choose your Ferrari, it chooses you. These exclusive, luxury cars aren’t just available to anybody – no matter the price, which is what makes them so sought after.

With their combination of power and driveability, it offers a superb driving experience that is hard to match. Innovation is at the forefront of this company, so you can expect new designs and features with each new release – surpassing the last and offering unparalleled luxury.

It’s no secret that you can trust your Ferrari to just anybody. Our skilled team of mechanics here at Southbank Prestige Service Centre have the experience and knowledge to offer a luxury service to a luxury car.

Service Today

Your Ferrari deserves premium attention to detail with each service, so trust it to a company that offers all this and more, for a great price.

Simply give us a call today and book in your next service.

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