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Free Loan Cars Available
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Fixed Price Service



For vehicles under manufacturer’s warranty, we service according to log book.

For vehicles outside of warranty, we offer a condition based service which starts from $349.

Price of the condition based service depends on make & model of vehicle, ie amg/m-sport vehicles cost more because they use different oil.

Condition based service covers – engine oil & oil filter ( mobil 1 oil & hengst filter )

  • Safety report.
  • Diagnostic scan of all modules
  • Reset service indicator/stamp log book.
  • Check levels & condition of all fluids/oils – top up if required.
  • Check/lube all suspension components, ie bushes, links , ball joints, universal joints.
  • Check condition of filters, ie engine air filter, cabin/pollen filter, fuel filter.
  • Check/adjust tyre pressures.
  • Lube all door, bonnet, boot/tailgate hinges.
  • Check/measure brakes, pad thickness & disc rotors.
  • Check condition & operation of all lights, wipers, washers etc
  • Free wash & vac with every service.
  • Free loan vehicle

Condition based service is only offered on vehicles outside of warranty and is a more economical way to service your vehicle because we don’t just replace filters, oils/fluids or any other part because the log book says it is due.

All components are checked and if still in good working order we don’t replace it until it is needed. Every CBS report/notes are kept for further reference.

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