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Why You Should Service Your Peugeot On Time

Southbank Peugeot Mechanic
Peugeots Are Luxury Cars. They Deserve Luxury Mechanics.

Peugeot is a luxury car manufacturer. These prestige cars are produced to the most exacting standards of French engineering. But they are designed with the expectation that they will be taken care of. Regular servicing is the foundation of caring for your luxury car. If you take care of your Peugeot, it will take care of you.

Recommended Service Intervals

Peugeot’s recommended service intervals vary widely by model and type of vehicle. Perhaps more than any other manufacturer, Peugeot tailors their service recommendations based on the particulars of their individual models. You can find a full chart here. Passenger models are on the first page, commercial models on the second, and timing belt changes are listed by engine type on the third.

Where To Have Your Luxury Peugeot Serviced

We recommend servicing your vehicle on time and always with a qualified luxury car specialist. Peugeot is a French luxury car manufacturer. This makes it difficult for regular mechanics, who don’t often service Peugeot models, to obtain genuine parts. Regular mechanics will often use non-genuine parts or charge astronomical amounts for sourcing original Peugeot materials.

Southbank Prestige Service Centre

For 22 years, we at Southbank Prestige have sold and serviced Peugeot in Melbourne. In that time we have seen the models change as new innovations are made, and we have changed with them. We are familiar with every detail of these cars. We have established connections, readily supplying genuine parts. We always keep commonly needed genuine Peugeot parts on hand and never cut corners.

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