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If you’ve purchased a quality European car, don’t just choose anyone for services or repairs. While it may seem like any mechanic can do your Audi service Melbourne, choose a team of professionals who will treat your Audi like it was their own.

What can you expect from an Audi Service Melbourne

The team at Southbank Prestige Service Centre will always treat your car like their own. There is plenty you can expect when it comes time for your next service.

We offer a full service experience for Audi owners including:

  • Major and minor services
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Auto-electrical work
  • Tyre fitting and balance
  • Brake and clutch repairs
  • and much more

At Southbank Prestige Service Centre also offer an on-time guarantee; and we can provide you with a quote prior to service so you know what work is being done.

On-time service guarantee

We know how hard and inconvenient it can be to get around without a car. It’s the reason why we offer an on-time guarantee. You will receive prompt, efficient service and have your vehicle returned to you as scheduled.

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose a professional mechanical team to work on your Audi; it is important to know what is included with each service or repair. If you aren’t sure what’s involved or why our mechanics are doing certain tasks on your car, ask us. We are more than happy to take you through your service and mechanical requirements.

You’ve invested a lot into you Audi and you shouldn’t need to worry about it being damaged, not serviced properly or not finished on time. Book your Audi service Melbourne in with Southbank Prestige Service Centre and be pleasantly surprised with our service team.

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