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Getting Your Citroen Serviced in Melbourne

Your Citroen

Whether you are looking at buying a Citroen second hand or brand new, there are many advantages to this make of vehicle. The current warranty on their latest model has been upped to six years, taking over the previous runners: Hyundai, Kia and Mitsubishi sitting at five years. This is a big advantage when driving out of a car dealership and having faith that your vehicle is backed for the next six years.

Buying Second Hand

Of course, if you are looking at buying second hand, the advantage of this longer warranty means you may be covered when you first purchase the vehicle, depending how old the car is. There are many advantages to buying second hand, with the cheaper price being the main sell point. Cars devalue the minute you drive out of a dealership with a brand new one, which is why many people turn to second hand.

Importance of Servicing

Getting your car regularly serviced is extremely important in ensuring its upkeep and making sure that there are no ongoing issues that will cause problems down the track. Likewise, if you are purchasing a second hand Citroen, you want to make sure that it has been serviced regularly and a record has been kept, so you know exactly what condition the vehicle is in when you purchase it.

If you are looking at getting your Citroen serviced Melbourne, then be sure to give the professionals at Southbank Prestige Service Centre a call today to organise one.

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