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citroen service MelbourneAt Southbank Prestige Service Centre, we love European cars. That’s why we specialise in servicing them. One brand of European car is the Citroen. So what is Citroen’s history? And what makes it so special?

Citroen history

Like many European car brands, Citroen was founded around the time of World War I. Andre Citroen, the brand’s founder, made armaments during WWI for his home country, France. But after the war finished there was no need for weaponry, so he had an unused factory.

Thanks to his history in car manufacturing, he decided to convert his factory into a car production facility. His aim was to produce a 10 Horse Power car that had better features and was less expensive to produce than rival models. This led to the Type A model.

Between the world wars, Citroen produced vehicles for off-road and military use. During World War II, the US army bought a license to produce a Citroen army vehicle, and ended up manufacturing over 40,000 of them throughout the war.

Famous models

Throughout the years, Citroen has made many famous and well-loved models. Here are some of the all-time classics:

  • The Traction Avant. When it was released in 1934, it was the first car ever produced with front-wheel drive.
  • The 2CV. This model was revolutionary at the time it was launched, as it meant many people could afford to buy a solidly constructed, efficient car to replace their horse and cart.
  • The DS. This model was launched in 1955, and at the time was very futuristic, as it was the first mass-produced car to have disc brakes.
  • The BX. This car was launched in the 80s, and maintains a cult following due to its sharp lines, speed and comfort.

Whatever model of Citroen you have, you can trust us at Southbank Prestige Service Centre to look after it for your Citroen Service Melbourne wide.

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