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BMW Service in Melbourne

Bmw Service South MelbourneWhy Get A Service?

There is much more that goes into servicing a car than simply changing the oil. All the different components of a car are checked, along with the adjustments. It ensures your car is in peak working order and there are no issues that may need to be addressed to avoid them becoming an even bigger problem down the track.

What Gets Checked?

At your next BMW service, you can expect:

  • The engine will be looked over and made sure it is in prime working order. A well-serviced engine that is regularly maintained will run a more economical life with the car.
  • Fluid levels are checked and changed if necessary. Some of these can be dangerous to the running of the car and cause problems down the track.
  • Leaks are picked up on and fixed.
  • The steering, brake pads, wheel alignment, tire tread depth and more are all looked into to ensure they are working properly.
  • Any issues you may discover yourself are also examined and assessed by the servicer.

Get Serviced Today

Make sure you service your BMW regularly to keep it in top working order and prolong the life of your vehicle. If you are due for a service or feel it is ready for a check-up, then take your car to Southbank Prestige Service Centre, where they specialize in luxury cars. Their team of professionals will be able to sort you out in no time and have your car looked over to provide the utmost peace of mind.

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