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Audi service Melbourne – what goes onAudi service Melbourne

All car owners know that they need to get their car serviced at regular intervals, usually every 10 to 15 thousand kilometres, depending on the manufacturer and current laws. However, less people would actually be able to specify exactly what goes on during an Audi service Melbourne or elsewhere.

Minor service

Cars need two different types of servicing, and prestige cars such as Audis are no different. Your car will need minor and major vehicle services. The minor services happen most, with the major services every 30-45 thousand kilometres.

These are some of the tasks you can expect the mechanic to undertake during a minor service:

  • replace the oil filter and oil
  • inspect the car’s hoses and belts
  • check the brake fluid and brakes
  • ensure the air conditioning is working
  • inspect the battery and top up fluids
  • check the steering, suspension, exhaust and transmission
  • check tyres, lights, windscreen wipers.

Major service

The major service will include all the aforementioned tasks and checks, with several additional elements. They will conduct a safety inspection and perform more in-depth checks on the engine and its components.

Get to know your car

These tasks all differ depending on your car. An Audi service Melbourne will be slightly different to that of another brand. Have a look through your car’s manual to get to know what may happen when your car is undergoing a service. Building an ongoing relationship with your mechanic, like the team at Southbank Prestige Service Centre, can ensure you always know what’s done to your car and what you can do to ensure its longevity.

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