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Luxury Car Service Centres Carry Genuine Parts On Hand

Melbourne Luxury Car Service Centre
Your Average Mechanic Doesn’t Stock Parts For A Car Like This.

Southbank Prestige Service Centre work exclusively with luxury vehicles. We stock genuine parts for all commonly replaced parts. We also have strong industry connections with luxury car manufacturers, making ordering in parts a quick and easy process.

Normal mechanics service a large variety of cars, most of them every day models. It is impractical for them to stock a full range of genuine parts for luxury cars they rarely service. This means they either use the makeshift parts in your luxury vehicle or you have to accept long delays while parts are ordered in.

A Luxury Car Mechanic Knows Your Car

A mechanic who works regularly with luxury models will be familiar with many makes and models of luxury cars that most mechanics rarely work with. They understand your car’s unique needs.

A luxury car mechanic also has the advantage of knowing what most often goes wrong in certain cars. Knowing what to look for means you can avoid costly trial and error searching. Southbank Prestige Service Centre often spot signs of wear and tear before they become serious problems, simply by knowing where to look. We’ve seen it all before.

An Independent Service Centre Is Better Than A Dealership

Luxury car dealerships know that some people will only ever consider taking their car to them. Unfortunately, they often charge simple jobs at high rates knowing they are unlikely to be caught out on it because the customer doesn’t have another mechanic for comparison. At Southbank Prestige Service Centre we charge fair prices for the highest quality workmanship. We care about our customers and want to provide a better service to Melbourne’s luxury car owners.

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